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Company Profile
Hi-Tech Borewell was established in the year 1980 in Drilling of Slow Rigs who has maintained the quality and long lasting service to their customers. With the experience of Twenty Nine years in this business, the company has been contributing finest solutions for all kinds of water related problems. Over these three decades of experience the establishment is assisted by the “personal” service which is unheard of in the drilling industry.Till today our company must have drilled more than one lakh points effectively. Our company has great reputation in the field of bore well drilling for various coastal areas. And also, we offer service complying with customer ease and preference even after sales.

We proposewide-ranging service to assist with the following works

  • Inspection of site.
  • Maintenance of existing borewells.
  • Flushing and removing the pump, pipe lines and reinstalling it.
  • Pump testing and yield testing.
  • Water analysis and water purifier machineries installation.
Director Profile
Hi-Tech Borewell service was founded by Mr.Palani Ram in the year in Drilling of Slow Rigs till 1990. Subsequently Mr.N.Palani Raj has developed the establishment in various areas across Tamil Nadu. Since 1980 our formation has been maintaining the quality and providing long lasting service to the customers.
We have started our carrier of drilling operations by the Slow Rig, Power Rig to the latest super-fast high pressure hydraulic drilling rigs both on surface and in well by 4 ½ “, 6 ½ “, 8” and 12” bore wells. 4 ½ “Tube wells were dug both vertically and horizontally in open wells. We have not only achieved a respectable niche in the field of bore well drilling. We also extended our service in Rock Drilling in various parts of Tamil Nadu.
Vision & Mission
Ours is one of the best Borewell drilling machinery in Chennai.Our mission is to sustain top position in Borewell drilling through the development of market and by satisfying the needs of customers. 
Dedicated Staff
Our company is backed by trained and devoted bore well drilling experts who keep them updated with all appropriate industry latest technologies. Highly experienced drilling operators and dedicated technical personnel are the integral part of the company who has excellence in bore well drilling.Greatly trained experts will execute extremelyadvanced technique to provide bore well drilling service to customers at very reasonable prices.  We understand the value of customers’ precious time and endeavor to deliver all services within the specified time frame.
Machinery & Equipment
Hi-Tech Borewell offers one of the finest bore well drilling machines. All the cutting edge technologies and machines are used to offer excellent services to our valued customers across the country. We own three effective equipment for our Borewell drilling which are as follows
  • Slow Rig Drilling Machine – 5
  • Power Rig Drilling Machine 4 ½ inch – 2
  • Power Rig Drilling Machine 6 inch – 2
  • Compressor Drilling Machine – 1
Our Specialisms
  • Slow Rig Drilling of 4 ½ ", 6 ½ ", 8", & 12"  dia Borewells
  • Power Rig Drilling of  4 ½ ", 6 ½ " dia Borewells
  • Rock Drilling Specialist
  • Pebbles and Compressor Cleaning Works
  • Specialist in Submersible Pump, Jet Pump, Erection and Services
  • Cleaning Old Borewells

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Country - India
State - TamilNadu
City - Chennai | Zip Code - 600 024
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