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Rainwater Harvesting Service Chennai

rain water harvesting system service in chennai


Rainwater Harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse before it reaches the aquifer. This water can be used for garden, livestock, irrigation etc.,after testing and treatment; the harvested water can also be used for drinking purposes.

Rainwater harvesting mechanisms are designed after assessing the site conditions such as incident rainfall, subsurface strata and their storage characteristics, infiltration test and by building suitable structures to collect and store rainwater. Rainwater harvesting system provides a source of soft, high quality water, reduces dependence on wells and other sources, and, in many contexts, is cost effective. Rainwater harvesting system can range in size from a simple PVC tank to a contractor designed and built sump - costing thousands of rupees.

Rainwater system is inherently simple in form. Harvesting rainwater is not only water conserving, it is also energy saving since the energy input required to operate a centralized water system can be bypassed
Rain is the primary sources of water. However, when it rains, either some of the water evaporates or run-offs and goes unused into the ocean or stands for days in drains and sewer lines to later flow away as sewage water.

Components of Rainwater Harvesting System
Catchment area
For flat conveyance system
For flat First rain separator
For flat Filter unit
For flat Storage
For flat delivery system
For flat Usage
For flat Recharge


To harness good quality water resource now being wasted
To augment the expensive piped water supply
To save expenditure on water
To prevent soil erosion and urban flooding
Inexpensive and simple technology
Aids ecological conservation
To prevent groundwater depletion

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